With a selected group of highly trained personnel including engineers, technicians, executives and well-experienced staff in the administrative and technical side of the business, Power link Group has come of age as one of the leading company in the trading, contracting and manufacturing combined business in its industry. We implemented the trade development mode of “electronic commerce + entity factory + overseas warehousing” – the innovation of technology and traditional manufacturing industry of the Internet combined, dedicated to solve the demand imbalance in the industrial chain.

From manufacturing to sales and service personnel, Power Link Group is now a one-stop provider for all in the energy regeneration and energy utilization field. We want to assist you achieve your objectives, and we are big enough to meet your needs, yet small enough to provide the one-to-one service you deserve.

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Our conventional manufactured and trading products include:

Diesel generator set

Gas generator set

Lighting towers

Air compressors

Gasoline generator set

Spare parts

Our extended energy related business are well developed in:

Biogas power solutions

Biogas renewable energy

Energy saving solutions

Gas cogeneration system

Biogas desulfurization and dry desulfurization equipment

Biogas scattered torch

Modern agricultural energy solutions

Primary and secondary power solutions

Thermal management system

Solutions and systems for distributed energy

Our “One-Stop” service flow provides:

Automatic control system engineering

Project lifecycle management software

General contractor

Transmission and distribution equipment agents

Investment budget analysis (through energy investment institution)

Product application training

Customer service training

Turnkey project